"i was burned on a certain mars. know i'm a leaf and like autumn fall, i'll dye."

MariekeZapasnik is an independent Helvetic-British photographer, born in the Netherlands,and grew up here and there in Europe.

Through the travels that have shaped her life, and the cultures that coexist within her,and sometimes clashes, she developed a natural curiosity for others and developed a prism, via which she sees the world and allows her to enrich herself.

This curiosity has led her towards photography and photo documentary. With this medium, she wishes to connect with people, different cultures, different realities, to expose herself and expose it to the world.

Today, she is working extensively on the issue of women and femininity in our societies. She wishes to further develop these works.

Since 2017, she has found and become a member of several collectives with whom she creates and organizes exhibitions and cultural events in alternative and third places to engage with the public and create a dialogue between her work and people.

She currently lives in Paris.

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2017 - graduated in photo-journalisme, Spéos photographic institute, paris

2015 - workshop with Anne Conway in photographie, scan and retouch of coloured slides via adobe photoshop

exhibitions, publications, collaborations



september, GENRE ! la ville t'appartient, exposed by the city of Montreuil, 14 Bd Rouget de Lisle, 93100 Montreuil

juillet – expoESPRESSO, collective exhibition – organisater, curater and exhibiting artiste, 81 blvd voltaire, 750011 paris

juin– RENCONTRES URBAINES, exposition collective,artiste exposante, 81 blvdvoltaire, 750011 paris

april, 105km2 - 105km2 - Paris ! sombre feu ou pure étoile, showing Paris, cheni de vie. organisater with red/REVEAL, collective exhibit, spéos gallery, 9 Rue Jules Vallès, 75011 paris

mars – regardepuri’elles, sine nomine collectif  – exhibiting artiste with la jupe etforte comme une fille, 81 blvd voltaire, 750011 paris

february, WHAT IS HOME?, presented by studio galta, showing BOKYÔ, 81 boulevard voltaire, 75011 paris


september, paris cheni de vie, solo exhibition, la mécanique ondulatoire, 8 Pass. Thiéré, 75011 paris

march, expo pluri'elles, espace voltaire, 81 boulevard voltaire, 75011 paris


27 february to 7 march - regards plurielles showing menstruation, collaboration with charlotte agricole and aphélandra siassia - jardin denfert - 61 boulevard saint-jacques, 75014 paris, france


17 may to 14 jun - douces violences with the serie 痛. artistic collaboration with charlotte agricole and aphélandra siassia - atelier bout de soi(e) - 35 rue pascal, 75013 paris

8th march/7th april - l'origine du monde with the serie monstruation - gallery les arts voisins - les grands voisins - 74 boulevard denfert-rochereau, 75014 paris, france

19 january - riposte london - launch - with monstruation - at riposte headquarter - 10 manse road, london, united kingdom


1st march/22nd march - le boudoir with the work monstruation, exhibition organized with red /Reveal - harmonie et silence, 32 rue saint maur, paris, france


énergie féminine, with the serie fem, collective exhibition - génie d'alex, culée droite du pont alexandre III, 8ème paris


bipolaire with synapsis - itinerant exhibition - lausanne, prilly, marsens, etc, switzeralnd


2023 - Mina Art mag, NFT magazine about women and nb artists on Tezos blockchain. 11th issu with different works and an interview.

2020 - curated by GIRLS, a platform that promote diversity & equality, with a strong focus on female-identifying creators, with the serie monstruation

2019 - medusablätter, german blog, with the serie monstruation

2018 - she gazes, paper fanzine, second issus, with the work monstruation

2017 - propaah magazine, first issu, online magazine, with the work fem

2017 - mad girls magazine, online spanish magazine, concert reportage

2016 - catalogue of the exhibition bipolaire, synapsis

2016 - photo for an article in la liberté


2021, september - collaboration with WAPA on the exhibit paris cheni de vie, la méca

2020 - co-curator in collaboration with charlotte agricole and aphélandra siassia for the exhibit regards plurielles in jardin denfert

2019 - co-curator in collaboration with charlotte agricole for the gallery les arts voisins in les grands voisins on the exhibition l'origine du monde

2018 - co-curator for red/Reveal for the exhibition le boudoir #2

2016/2017 - with mad girls magazine on videos, click

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